My Transmission Will Not Go From Park to Drive

If your transmission refuses to go into gear, it is going bad. An unresponsive transmission, i.e., one that will not go into Drive from Park or Neutral needs to be repaired right away. Hopefully, the problem isn’t too bad, but when you take into account there are hundreds of parts in your automatic transmission, it’s easy to understand how things can go awry. Mark’s Auto Service can help. Bring your vehicle to our shop if it is unresponsive or if you notice any of the other things listed below.

Burning Odors

Burning odors indicate that the transmission is overheating. The transmission will get too hot if the fluid level is too low. Sometimes, the low fluid level is the only problem. In other cases, the gears may be wearing out and this could be why the transmission is overheating.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light will likely come on if your transmission is having problems. This light is designed to eliminate when there is an engine problem that doesn’t have a corresponding light or gauge. This is why it comes on when the transmission is faulty.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission problems can also be caused by transmission fluid leaks. Transmission fluid is red and translucent. If it is leaking out of the transmission, you will see spots or puddles on your garage floor underneath your automobile toward the center.

Gear Problems

Aside from refusing to go into gear, other gear problems associated with transmission issues include the transmission slipping out of gear, the transmission skipping gears in the gear cycle, and the transmission refusing to shift through the gear cycle completely.


If your vehicle shakes or vibrates when the automatic transmission shifts gears, this also indicates a problem with the transmission. Usually, the transmission fluid is too low to facilitate the smooth operation of the automatic transmission.

Strange Sounds

Finally, your transmission might make strange noises if it is going bad. You may hear clunking sounds when you put the transmission in gear and as it shifts gears. Another sign of transmission trouble is humming noises in neutral. Grinding and squealing sounds are also an indication of a problem.

Mark’s Auto Service has two service shops to help you with all of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Call the Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, shop if it’s closest to you or the Loves Park, IL, shop if it’s closest to you. We would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s transmission and repair it if necessary.

Photo by hrohmann from pixabay Canva Pro

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