How Long Will My Car’s Water Pump Last?

Once you’ve driven your automobile for 100,000 miles, the water pump is more inclined to die. The average lifespan of the factory pump is 100,000 miles. Don’t panic. Mark’s Auto Service can replace your water pump when it needs it. The signs listed below are an indication that your water pump is going out. It’s important to replace the pump to avoid damaging your engine. Any time your engine overheats, which is one sign that we will discuss below, you run the risk of damaging engine parts and cracking the engine block.

Corrosion on the Pump

Corrosion on the water pump is an indication that it has a slow leak. You will see rest, pinholes, and pits on the pump when the coolant is seeping out of it. This is a common problem that affects older pumps, i.e., ones in vehicles that have over 100,000 miles on them. If you ignore this problem, you will end up damaging the water pump further by allowing the engine coolant to continue to corrode it.

Coolant on the Garage Floor

A small leak can turn into a large leak that leaves you with coolant on the garage floor. This not only reduces the coolant levels in the cooling system, which causes your engine to overheat, but it can also damage the cooling system by drying out the hoses. It’s important to have any coolant leak found and fixed right away. Coolant can also leak out of your thermostat, the radiator, and seals.

Poor Coolant Circulation

Once the thermostat releases coolant into the engine, it is circulated by the water pump much like your blood is circulated by your heart. If the coolant circulation in your engine is poor, this definitely points to a problem with the water pump. If you suspect you have bad coolant circulation, bring your vehicle to our shop so we can test it.

Growling or Whining Sounds

The water pump may also make growling sounds if it is going bad. You will hear these sounds coming from the front of your engine. If you hear whining sounds instead, this is an indication that your vehicle’s accessory belt is too loose. This directly affects the water pump’s operation.

Constant Overheating Engine

Finally, as we mentioned above, if your water pump is going bad your engine will overheat constantly. As we also mentioned above, an overheating engine can get damaged quickly.

Mark’s Auto Service in Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, and Mark’s Auto Service in Loves Park, IL, would be happy to test your water pump. Call the shop that is closest to you today.

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