Five Signs of Automobile Electrical Problems

As in your home, an electrical problem in your automobile can cause a fire or other dangers. Mark’s Auto Service advises that there are signs that your vehicle is suffering from electrical problems. Let’s talk about the five common signs below so you can bring your car, truck, crossover, SUV, or van into us as soon as possible at the first indication of trouble.

1. Burning Odors

If you notice any burning smells coming from your automobile, pull over immediately and cut the engine. If the electrical system is burning, you might smell hot wires or something that smells like burning rubber. This is usually a sign that the wiring insulation is burning. Don’t take chances, any time you smell something hot while you’re driving have your vehicle towed to an auto service shop right away.

2. Dimming Headlights

An electrical system problem can cause all of your vehicle’s lights to dim, but you will most likely notice the dimming in your headlights. If it seems as if it’s getting more difficult to see at night, it could be that your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be. You may also notice that your dashboard lights are dimmer as are the interior lights.

3. Malfunctioning Electronics

Another sign that your vehicle is suffering from electrical system problems is malfunctioning electronics. It could be that your GPS isn’t working as it should be or that your entertainment system keeps shutting off by itself. You may also notice that your power windows are opening and closing at a much slower pace and you cannot adjust your power seats. These are all indications that these accessories are not getting the power they need.

4. Corroded Battery Terminals

Corroded battery terminals are a sign that you have a battery acid leak, and this is usually caused by something going on inside the battery that shouldn’t be. Your battery is part of your vehicle’s electrical system. Corroded battery terminals can be cleaned, but if they corrode again quickly, you need to replace your vehicle’s battery.

5. Dead Engine

The biggest sign of an automobile electrical problem is a dead engine. Whether your battery is dead, the alternator is failing, or there’s a problem with the vehicle’s wiring, you won’t be able to get your vehicle to start. It may turn over a few times but it won’t catch. You may also find that it is hard to get your vehicle started.

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Photo by eakrin rasadonyindee from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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