Three Symptoms Of A Failing Transmission

A failing transmission can spell big bucks at the repair shop. Mark’s Auto Service can service your transmission regularly to spare you from expensive repairs. If your transmission does act up, however, it’s important to bring your vehicle into our shop right away. The sooner we can find the problem and fix it the fewer chances of significant transmission system damage. Here are three signs your vehicle’s transmission isn’t operating as it should be.

1. Gear Shifting Problems

Gear shifting problems aren’t just noticeable on manual transmissions; automatic transmissions also have shifting problems if they’re breaking down. The most common issues include having to force your transmission into gear from neutral or park, hesitation to go from one gear to the next, and slipping out of gear. These symptoms could be a sign that your transmission fluid is low or you’ve got gears that have worn down. The clutch can also cause gear shifting problems in both transmission types. A worn clutch will make shifting the gears difficult if not impossible depending on how bad the wear and tear is.

2. Strange Noises

You might also hear odd noises as your transmission struggles to operate. Oftentimes, the gears will grind or clunk as they shift, or you might hear squealing or whining. Humming in neutral is another sound you do not want to hear, as this indicates transmission trouble. Alongside the noises, your vehicle might lurch or shake as the transmission tries to complete the gear cycle. When the transmission slips out of gear, you’ll hear your engine rev suddenly and you’ll lose power and momentum. You should never hear or feel your transmission working; the operation should be relatively silent and smooth.

3. Fluid Issues

Your transmission fluid is a key indicator of the health of your transmission. Bright red or light brown, clear, and slick transmission fluid is new and keeping your transmission healthy and happy. Dark brown or black, sticky transmission fluid is oxidized and damaging your transmission. Pink transmission fluid indicates a crack between the transmission and cooling system that causes the coolant and transmission fluid to mix. This is very bad, as is any burning smells coming from the transmission, which indicate the transmission is overheating. This can be caused by old fluid that no longer coats the moving parts.

Finally, your dashboard’s check engine light might also come on if the transmission is failing. Set up an appointment with Mark’s Auto Service in Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, or Loves Park, IL, right away so we can find the transmission problem and fix it.


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