Why Do I Have A Sputtering Engine

If your engine is sputtering, it indicates a serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Not only is a sputtering engine annoying, but it can also mean that your vehicle needs some serious repair. So why exactly is your engine sputtering, and what can be done to correct it? Read on for a few common reasons why your car is suddenly in sputter mode.

Fuel System Problems

Whether it’s the fuel pump, fuel filter, or your fuel injectors, these components work together to make sure that fuel is flowing smoothly from the tank to the fuel injectors. These parts also ensure that gas is pumping evenly into your engine. Since they all work together, even a minor hiccup can cause your engine to sputter. The most common cause? Dirty or clogged fuel injectors that cause all of the other parts to fail. Have your mechanic perform a check of your fuel system and replace filters and pumps as needed. A fuel injector cleaning can also bring the sputtering down to nil.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

If you haven’t had your spark plugs replaced, they’re likely worn down after a long period of driving. When this happens, your engine will start to sputter. Your car uses spark plugs to create a spark that ignites the air and fuel in your engine which surges power through your vehicle and makes it go. If they are dirty or in bad condition, your engine may not even start at all. Talk to your mechanic about getting a tune-up so they can decide if the spark plugs need to be replaced.

Dirty Airflow Sensor

The airflow sensor in your car monitors the temperature and weight of the air that travels to different parts of your engine. This sensor works together with your fuel injection system. If the sensor is dirty, it can cause poor engine performance, low gas mileage, and of course, sputtering. If you can, take a closer look at the sensor to see if it needs to be cleaned. In some cases, it might need to be completely replaced but either way, it should help to reduce that annoying sputtering you’re experiencing.

There are several other reasons why your engine might be sputtering, and it’s extremely important that you address the issue as soon as you can. Sputtering is a sign that your engine is in distress, so you should have it examined by our professional mechanics. We can help you prevent expensive damage to your car with a proper inspection so that you can drive sputter-free.

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