Six Signs Your Car Needs Exhaust System Repairs

If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, your car, truck, or utility vehicle may be due for exhaust system repairs. The exhaust system can get clogged or leak over time. Once this happens, you will begin to notice the strange things discussed in this blog post. Don’t worry. Mark’s Auto Service can help by inspecting your vehicle’s exhaust system and making any necessary adjustments.

1. An Extremely Noisy Engine

If your engine is noisier than usual, the exhaust system could be the culprit. Generally, the muffler is having a problem if you hear a ton of engine noise. Noise can also be caused by a faulty exhaust manifold gasket. Increased engine noise is not only annoying but illegal. Depending on how loud your engine is, you may find yourself with a moving violation.

2. Acceleration/Power Loss

Your vehicle will also lose power if the exhaust system is clogged or leaking. When the exhaust system gets clogged, the exhaust cannot be cleared out of the combustion chamber. This affects engine combustion and you lose power. If the exhaust system is leaking, the engine will fill with exhaust gases that create a lean fuel mixture and acceleration and power loss.

3. Reduced Fuel Economy

Consequently, as your engine struggles to produce power, it will burn through the gasoline or diesel fuel more quickly. This will leave you with a reduction in your fuel economy that requires more frequent fill-ups. To resolve this problem, the exhaust system must be repaired.

4. Burning Engine Odors

A leaking exhaust system might produce burning odors in the engine. Specifically, you may smell burning electrical wiring and insulation and burning plastic. This indicates that the exhaust manifold gasket is releasing hot exhaust into the engine that is melting the parts.

5. Visible Tailpipe Damage

It’s a good idea to visually inspect your tailpipe occasionally to determine if it has been damaged. Check to see if it is hanging underneath your automobile properly. Also, inspect the pipe for dents, cracks, holes, and pits. A healthy tailpipe does its job properly.

6. Gas/Diesel Fuel Odors

Finally, if your vehicle’s exhaust system is clogged or leaking, you may be able to smell fuel inside the automobile. Don’t drive your vehicle with fuel odors wafting into the passenger cabin. Continuing to operate the automobile will cause you to inhale carbon monoxide.

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