Seven Noises You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Car

Think about how your car, SUV, or truck sounded when you first drove it off the lot. This is how it should sound all the time. Sticking to the factory-scheduled services will help keep your automobile in the best shape possible. This avoids strange noises coming from the engine, the transmission, and the exhaust system. Let’s talk more about these noises below.

1. Grinding

For example, if your engine is grinding, we recommend that you pull over and turn the engine off. Call for a tow truck to our shop because you may not have any oil circulating through the engine. The oil may be cut off from the engine by a clogged oil filter.

2. Humming

You don’t want to hear grinding coming from the engine, and you don’t want to hear humming coming from the engine. In reality, the humming noise will come from the transmission when the transmission is in neutral if the transmission needs to be repaired.

3. Knocking

Your engine may knock if you have a problem with the rod bearings. They may be worn and unable to move the pistons up and down in the cylinders without making contact with the cylinder walls. Knocking can also be caused by a fuel detonation problem.

4. Popping

Switching to the exhaust system, it will pop if you have a hole in the muffler or exhaust manifold. It will also pop if the exhaust manifold gasket is cracked. Finally, you may also hear popping noises if the catalytic converter is clogged by exhaust deposits.

5. Rumbling

Speaking of a hole in the muffler, your engine will rumble loudly if this is the case. It will also rumble loudly if you have had the catalytic converter stolen from the exhaust system. This is a common form of auto theft due to the converter’s precious metals.

6. Sizzling

Fluid leaks can make sizzling noises in the engine. They may also make hissing noises. The reason why the fluid makes this noise is it starts to evaporate when it makes contact with hot engine parts. A vacuum leak can also cause a hissing noise.

7. Squealing

Aside from hissing, a vacuum leak can also squeal, as can a loose accessory belt. If your brake system is overheating or the brake pads need to be replaced, the brakes may squeal.

Bring your vehicle to our shop right away if it is making strange noises. We will get to the bottom of the noise and repair the problem.

Photo by didesign021 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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