Savvy Summer Gas Saving Tips

Summer is the time when most drivers hit the road for vacations and road trips. With hotter temperatures, it can cause your fuel economy to go down. Whether you’re heading to the beach or driving thousands of miles, there are some things you can do to save on gas this summer. Check out these handy tips that will improve your fuel economy so can save a little extra cash for summer fun.

Pay Attention to Your Tires

Tires that are under-inflated can force your engine to work harder. This also applies to misaligned or poorly aligned wheels. Let your tires cool down, then check the air pressure to make sure it’s at the correct PSI level. Add air whenever needed for tires that will serve you well. Wheels that are out of alignment should be re-aligned at your local mechanic for better tread wear and gas mileage.

Ditch the Weight

When you’re driving long distances, you’re likely to pack more stuff in your vehicle. Unfortunately, excess weight will make your vehicle work harder, reducing fuel economy. Get rid of things you don’t need, and only pack the necessities. Perform an inventory of your trunk and passenger cabin and remove anything that you won’t use. By reducing the overall weight of your vehicle, you should see an improvement.

Watch Your Driving Habits

How we drive can have a real impact on our car’s fuel economy. Try to avoid excess idling whenever possible and turn your engine off while you’re waiting for someone or something. Always observe the speed limits, since speeding can really impact your miles per gallon. Besides, speeding increases your odds of getting a ticket, and no one wants that when they’re on vacation. Drive gently and try not to do any sudden accelerations. Pay attention to the traffic patterns, and then adjust your speed gradually as needed.

Use Your AC Smartly

Of course, the summer is when you’ll probably have the air conditioning blasting the most. Using air conditioning can make your fuel economy take a serious hit. When you’re driving at highway speeds, keep the windows closed since the air drag is reduced. You should turn your air conditioning off when you’re sitting in traffic to save on fuel. It’s obviously not something you can do all the time when it’s hot out, but being more diplomatic with your AC usage can help you get better gas mileage.

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