TechNet Road Hazard Tire Protection

We are proud to be a TechNet Professional shop and be able to offer our customers the very best in road hazard tire protection. The truth is, tire manufacturers don’t cover things like punctures that occur during normal travel, but when you purchase this plan with your eligible tire and installation, you will receive nationwide coverage for up to 3 years.

What is Covered

With the TechNet Road Hazard Protection you will get 3 years of coverage or down to 2/32nds tread wear on your new tires. Coverage is limited to the original purchase price or replacement and cannot exceed $399 per tire. Your protection plan covers puncture, nail or glass damage, bruises or breaks, and damage from curbs or potholes.

In addition, for the first 12 months of your plan, you are eligible to flat tire changing assistance up to $75 and $25 per incident.

What Isn’t Covered

Your TechNet Road Hazard Protection Plan does NOT cover manufacturer defects, fire, theft, vandalism, off-road use, or damage from an accident.

If you are purchasing new tires from Mark’s Auto Service, you can see why it makes sense to add TechNet’s Road Hazard Protection Plan to your purchase.

Download the complete terms and conditions here.


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