Signs That Your Car Needs A Mechanic

Mark’s Auto Service Is Here To Help You in Rockford, IL & Loves Park, IL!!!

is my car broken

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if your car is just getting older or if it’s in need of serious auto repair and maintenance. Thankfully, the team here at Mark’s Auto Service is here to help, getting you the best, most efficient auto maintenance and repair services in Rockford, IL.

There are a few things that you can look out for to be able to tell if your ride is in need of maintenance and repair. 

If you’ve been experiencing: 

  • Unusual sounds, like your engine knocking or your brakes screeching
  • Foul smells from your air vents or from under the hood of your car
  • Excessing exhaust smoke
  • Leaking fluids from underneath your vehicle

These are all signs that you’re in need of some serious automotive repairs. So don’t wait around, just come and see the pros at Mark’s Auto Service today for quality automotive service in Rockford, IL! 


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