Muffler Problems? Here Are Three Signs That Might Be a Yes!

Muffler problems can do more than get you a fix-it ticket. They can cause exhaust system damage and be harmful to your health. Even if you have a tricked-out muffler to make your automobile sound like a drag-racer, it’s important to know the signs of muffler problems to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning or worse. Mark’s Auto Service is going to list three signs your vehicle has muffler problems below. This said it’s important to understand that two of three signs could signal another problem, too.


The muffler gets its name because it muffles your vehicle’s engine noise. If you didn’t have a muffler, you’d be surprised how loud the engine actually is, or maybe you wouldn’t because you can hear your neighbor’s teen coming from miles away. If your automobile is suddenly louder, you might have a hole in your muffler, or it could be disconnecting from the exhaust system. Noise plus a hanging muffler definitely say you’ve got a muffler problem that needs to be fixed right away.

Gas Mileage

It might seem strange that muffler problems can affect your vehicle’s gas mileage, but they can. Your muffler is part of your automobile’s exhaust system, and this system affects your gas mileage. If the system is working at its best, you’ll get better fuel economy from your automobile. If there is a problem, including one with the muffler, your gas mileage will suffer. Track your gas mileage between fill-ups to see if it has tanked – no pun intended. An increase in fill-ups definitely suggests something is wrong.


The muffler is just one exhaust system part tasked with carrying your engine’s exhaust away from you and out through the tailpipes. If there is a problem with the muffler, you might end up with engine exhaust in your vehicle’s cabin. If part of this exhaust is carbon monoxide, which you can’t smell, you might end up ill or, well, we don’t want to say it. You should never smell exhaust or other strange fumes in your cabin. If you do, pull over to safety and have your automobile towed to an auto service shop.

Mark’s Auto Service has two shops in Illinois – Rockford and Loves Park – and we can help you with your muffler problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an exhaust system inspection. We’ll make certain your vehicle’s exhaust system is healthy or fix it if it isn’t.

Photo by Kameleon007 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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