I Think There’s a Problem With My Car’s Fuel Pump

Mark’s Auto Service can replace your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s fuel pump if there is a problem with it. The fuel pump lasts about 100,000 miles or more. If your automobile is experiencing any of the problems listed below, you’ve got a faulty fuel pump that needs to be replaced.

Performance Problems at High Speeds

The fuel pump moves more fuel into the engine as you pick up speed. Your vehicle requires more fuel to drive at faster speeds. If your engine is sputtering at high speeds, this is a sign that the fuel pump is malfunctioning and unable to supply the engine with the fuel that it needs.

Performance Problems When Stressed

The same is true if your engine sputters when it is under stress. A faulty fuel pump will be unable to send extra fuel to the engine to help it sustain your speed when you drive up steep hills. You may also notice that your engine will lag when you are towing a trailer behind your automobile.

Strange Engine Bucking and Surging

A sputtering engine is not the only sign of a faulty fuel pump. Sometimes, the fuel pump malfunctions in a different way and fills the engine with gas or diesel fuel. When this happens, your engine will buck and surge unexpectedly.

A Noticeable Reduction in Fuel Economy

All of these things can cause a noticeable reduction in your vehicle’s gas mileage. Unfortunately, when the engine is being supplied with too little or too much fuel, it will burn through the fuel more quickly. This will leave you with a need to head to the service station more often.

Fuel Pressure Under the Minimum Rating

A dying fuel pump will be unable to sustain the proper fuel pressure in the engine. If you test the fuel pressure and it is under the minimum rating recommended in your owner’s manual, you need to replace the fuel pump because it is going bad.

Strange Humming or Whining Sounds

A dying fuel pump might also make strange humming or whining sounds that will come from your fuel tank. This is an indication that the fuel pump’s internal mechanisms are not operating correctly and, as a consequence, causing the strange sounds.

An Engine That Will Not Start

Finally, if the fuel pump has completely died, you won’t be able to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle. It’s easy to understand why this is the case: The fuel pump is not pushing gasoline or diesel fuel into the engine.

Don’t worry. Mark’s Auto Service in Loves Park and Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, can switch out your fuel pump. Call us today.

Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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