How Necessary is a Pre-Purchace Vehicle Inspection?

Shopping for a new or new-to-you car is exciting. With all the options available for used cars the hard part is narrowing down your choices. Once you have found the one that has the style, color, and options you want you may be tempted to hand over the cash immediately. Marks Auto Service wants to protect you during the car buying process by stressing the importance of a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

What is a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

Similar to the inspection your mechanic performs on the car that you already own, a pre-purchase inspection is performed on your potential vehicle to diagnose any issues or potential issues it has. This inspection will give you an idea of the condition the car is in, if it has been properly maintained, and if there has ever been repair work due to a collision or otherwise.

Can’t I Just Trust the Seller?

In a perfect world, sure. The problem is that it is easy for private sellers or used car dealerships to fib about the condition of a vehicle. Even if they are 100% honest, there is a good chance they don’t actually know about the issues the vehicle is having. That is where a third-party inspection. The chances are that you are dealing with a genuine person, but you are about to spend a lot of money. Getting an inspection before you sign on the dotted line helps you cover all your bases.

What Actually Gets Inspected?

All of the major components and systems in the vehicle should be inspected. The engine, transmission, brakes, diagnostics, and frame all get checked out. Your mechanic can even check those options and features you are so excited about.

Won’t the Lemon Law Protect Me?

Nope. Illinois’ Lemon Law is only valid on the purchase of new cars. Many people think that it also protects buyers of used cars, but that simply isn’t the case. Your best bet if you get stuck with a used car that was too good to be true is claiming fraud. However, there is no guarantee that you will win your case and it is more likely that you will spend a fortune in legal fees with no success.

The easiest way to know that the car you are buying is exactly what the seller says it is with a pre-purchase inspection. If you are considering buying a used vehicle bring it by Marks Auto Service for an inspection. We will thoroughly inspect the vehicle so you can feel confident about your decision.


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