Driving Tips For Teens

It is happening. The day that you have dreaded since they were born. Your son or daughter is ready to start driving. The best way to get over your fear of giving your teenager this amount of independence is with preparation. Marks Auto Service wants you to feel good about handing over your car keys so we put together a list of talking points and guidelines for you and your new driver.

Responsibility is key

Driving a vehicle is a big responsibility. Talk to your teen about the obligations they have toward themselves and fellow drivers when they get behind the wheel. People get involved in car accidents every day because of irresponsible driving habits.

Never drive distracted

Your teenager’s cell phone is a big part of their daily life. Before you let them get in the driver’s seat, they need to understand the importance of putting the phone down when they are driving. Talk to them about safe places to stop if they need to send a text and equip them with a hands-free phone mount so they can easily use their navigation. We also recommend that you discourage them from eating or fiddling with the radio while they are driving. Nothing is more important than their safety.

Alcohol and driving don’t mix

Ideally, alcohol is not a part of your teenager’s life, but it is still crucial to talk to them about the danger of drinking and driving. Put a no-alcohol policy in place and set them up with a plan in case they find themselves in a situation where they need a safe ride home.

Always obey traffic laws

Rolling through a stop sign when no one is coming or around may seem like an okay idea, but it isn’t. Speed limits, stop signs, and red lights should always be obeyed. Not only are traffic tickets pricey, blowing off traffic laws can put your teen and other drivers on the road in serious danger.

Find a mechanic you can trust

From the moment you start teaching your teenager to drive you should also be teaching them about vehicle maintenance and upkeep. Show them how to check the oil and how to know when your car is overheating. You can also start putting them in charge when you bring the car in for maintenance. Teach them the questions to ask and what to look for in a good mechanic.

Marks Auto Service is proud to be the top provider of automotive service and maintenance in the Rockford area. When you are ready to schedule your teen’s first vehicle maintenance or repair appointment, give us a call for honest, reliable, and efficient service.


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