Clutch Problems That Can Be Fixed With a New Clutch

Mark’s Auto Service can replace your vehicle’s clutch when it needs it. This usually happens at about 100,000 miles. We are going to list the signs of a bad clutch below so you can bring your vehicle straight to our shop at the first indication of trouble. In some cases, we may be able to adjust or rebuild the clutch to resolve the problem if we catch it soon enough.

A Burning/Hot Clutch

If you smell hot odors coming from your clutch, it is slipping and needs to be rebuilt at a minimum. Any time the clutch starts to burn, this is an indication that it is not staying engaged because the internal mechanisms are wearing out.

A Spongy Clutch Pedal

Your clutch pedal may also start to feel spongy when it is going bad. The clutch should give you about the same resistance every time you use it. If the pedal feels different, either too soft or too hard, come to our shop so we can adjust the clutch.

Acceleration Hesitation

Another sign that the clutch is slipping is if your acceleration hesitates when you press down on the accelerator. This problem is caused by a failure of the clutch to transfer the power to the transmission from the engine. Consequently, your drivetrain is not turning.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

You will also have difficulty shifting the gears if the power has not been transferred to the transmission. The gears may not shift at all, or your vehicle may not go into gear. Once in gear, the manual transmission may also slip out of gear. We will inspect the clutch and the manual transmission if you are having problems shifting gears.

Grinding Gears/Squeaking

It’s also a safe bet that the power is still with the engine if the gears grind when you shift them. You need the power with the transmission in order to shift the grinds smoothly. This is a sign that your clutch is going bad, as is a squeaking clutch pedal.

Higher Catch Point

Finally, the catch point at which you shift gears may get higher in a malfunctioning clutch. This point should never change. If it does, let us take a look at the clutch to see if adjusting it will help. In some cases, we may need to replace it.

Extend the life of your clutch by bringing it to Mark’s Auto Service in Rockford or Loves Park, IL, every 6,000 miles to have it adjusted. Give us a call today if you are having problems with your clutch.

Photo by Phantom1311 from getty images via Canva Pro

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