Bring Your Vehicle to Mark’s Auto Service for an Alternator Replacement

Mark’s Auto Service is here for all of your automotive service needs including an alternator replacement. The alternator lasts about 10 years before it goes bad. This usually means you will have clocked about 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles on the odometer. If your automobile is having any of the problems listed below, had to our shop for a new alternator.

Dead Battery

A battery that dies constantly but is relatively new is not getting charged by the alternator. This is one of the things that the alternator does. A malfunctioning alternator may not be sending electricity to the battery to recharge it after it discharges. This is why the battery dies constantly.

Flickering Lights

You may also notice that your vehicle’s interior and exterior lights have started to flicker. This is a sign that the alternator is struggling to produce electricity for them. They will also be dimmer than normal, which can make it difficult to drive at night because it’s hard to see.

Frequent Stalling

The alternator has a lot of responsibilities and another one is to power the spark plugs. You need the spark plugs powered so they generate sparks in the combustion chamber. If your engine has started to stall frequently and misfire, this is a sign the plugs are not getting their power.

Growling Noises

A dying alternator can also make growling noises or grinding noises in your engine. This suggests that the alternator has worn out on the inside. Unfortunately, this will affect the alternator’s ability to generate the voltage your automobile needs for electricity.
Hot Electricity
Sometimes, a faulty alternator will go crazy and generate too much voltage. This can overload your vehicle’s electrical system, especially if the alternator is producing more than 14.5 volts. When this happens, you will smell hot electricity in the engine.

Slow Accessories

As if the alternator didn’t have enough to do, it also powers your accessories. Consequently, if the alternator is dying, the accessories will slow down and malfunction. In fact, you may not be able to get them to work at all. Replacing the alternator will restore their performance.

Warning Light

Finally, the engine control module will turn on the battery light if the alternator is going bad. Older vehicles are equipped with ALT or GEN lights that will illuminate if the alternator is going bad. Heed this dashboard warning and had to our shop right away.

Call Mark’s Auto Service in Rockford or Loves Park, IL, today to schedule an appointment for an alternator inspection and test.

Photo by BirdShutterB from getty images via Canva Pro

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