A Cool Interior Is a Comfortable Interior in the Summer

Keeping your car’s interior cool during the summer is a top priority. Few things are worse than sliding into a vehicle that is well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside. You not only scold your legs but also your hands when you attempt to drive the vehicle. Marks Auto Service can help keep the inside of your automobile comfortable by servicing the air conditioner. Aside from this, here are other ways to reduce the temperature inside your automobile. Bear in mind, you still should never leave kids or pets in the vehicle. It will still get too hot and the result could be fatal.

Think Shade

Think shade, shade, shade. Make certain that you park and parking spaces that are covered by shady trees whenever you can. This may be a tall order considering that everyone is looking for shady parking spaces in which to park. As such, prepare for this by putting shades in all of the windows and having a windshield shade that you can put up when you park your automobile. Also, take advantage of the rear window shade that is installed in your automobile.

Use Garages

The best way to find shade is to take advantage of any public parking garages that are near your locations. If you have to walk a little bit, it may be worth it to keep the inside of your automobile cooler. When you are at home, make sure to park your vehicle in the garage, as well. Anytime you can park in a garage you not only provide your vehicle with the shade that it needs to keep cooler but also the ventilation. Public garages are often well-ventilated.

Use Towels

Another thing you can do to provide the necessary shade for specific auto parts is to use towels to cover things up. Cover the steering wheel with a hand towel, the center console with a hand towel, and the seats with beach towels. You’d be surprised how much cooler things are when you sit in the seat and touch the steering wheel.


Finally, as we mentioned above, public parking garages provide ventilation to help keep the air cooler. You can also keep the air cooler inside your car by ventilating. Crack the windows so that the air can circulate through the vehicle. You can also open the doors and allow the air to flow through the vehicle for a few minutes before you get into the car. Ventilating the car will not make it cool enough for children and pets.

Marks Auto Service in Belvidere, Loves Park, or Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, is here to help, so call us today if it is been more than a year since your car’s air conditioner has been serviced.

Photo by South_agency from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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