A Blown Head Gasket Can Damage Your Engine Seriously

Mark’s Auto Service cannot stress enough how much a blown head gasket can wreak havoc in the engine. As such, it is crucial that you avoid driving your car, truck, or utility vehicle if you suspect the head gasket is cracked. It’s better to play it safe and have your automobile towed to our shop so we can dig deep into the engine to replace the head gasket. Here are signs that your head gasket is blown.

Sudden Coolant Loss

The head gasket is the auto part that forms the seal over the combustion chamber. This allows the compression to build up inside of the chamber for combustion. It also prevents the motor oil and coolant from leaking into the chamber. If the head gasket cracks, the engine is going to lose coolant quickly as it leaks into the combustion chamber where it will be burned with the fuel and air.

Overheating Engine

Consequently, this coolant loss is going to cause your engine to overheat right away. Unfortunately, the engine will continue to run too hot whenever you drive your automobile. This is just one reason why we recommend that you have your vehicle towed to our shop. You do not want to drive it when the engine is too hot. You already have a cracked head gasket. You don’t want a cracked engine block.

Scorching Coolant

As the engine heats up, the coolant that is left in the overflow reservoir and radiator will start to boil. This is literally how hot your engine will get when the head gasket is blown. You will hear the bubbling noises coming from the engine. Again, if you continue to drive your automobile, you run the risk of damaging the engine further and also blowing the radiator cap.

White Exhaust Smoke

As we mentioned above, the coolant is going to make its way into the combustion chamber if you cracked the head gasket. When this happens, it burns away with the fuel and air. Consequently, you will see white exhaust smoke coming out of your vehicle’s tailpipe.

Milky-White Motor Oil

Finally, the other reason why we recommend that you avoid driving your automobile is the coolant will also mix with the motor oil in the engine and dilute it. When this happens, the diluted motor oil circulates through the engine and can cause irreparable damage.

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Photo by skhoward from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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