Five Things Your Roadside Assistance Service Should Have

No matter which roadside assistance service you choose, it should help you rather than hinder you. Getting stranded roadside is not only embarrassing it’s also dangerous, especially if you’re stranded on the side of a fast-moving highway. Mark’s Auto Service recommends the roadside assistance service to which you subscribe has the following five things because they are certain to get you safely back on the road or out of harm’s way quickly.

Towing Service

If your vehicle is broken down and unsafe to drive or stalled and will not restart, you’ll need a tow to an automotive service shop. If you’ve been in accident, you may also need a tow. Here’s the thing: Do you want to be towed to the nearest automotive service shop or the service shop of your choice? Some roadside assistance services will only tow you to the nearest service shop and not to your mechanic.

Lock-Out Assistance

Do you lock yourself out of your car often? It’s harder to do this now with key fobs. If you’re faithful about locking your vehicle and setting the alarm with your key fob, you may think you will never need lock-out assistance but what if you accidentally lock your keys in the trunk after loading it with groceries? What if you lose your keys? Lock-outs happen even with key fobs.

Flat Tire Help

You probably know how to change a tire but what if you’re on your way to work dressed to the nines because you have an important meeting? What if you’re on your way to an event dressed to the nines? Roadside assistance services should include flat tire services that will replace your functional spare with the flat tire or tow your vehicle if you do not have a functional spare.

Fluid Delivery Service

Do you ignore your low fuel warning light to squeeze as much fuel out of the gas tank as you can? Is your vehicle an oldie but a goodie? Both of these scenarios mean you might run out of gas on the road or end up with low oil, radiator, or other crucial engine fluid. If you do need radiator fluid, most roadside assistance services will provide water to keep your engine cool on your way to the shop.

Jumpstart Services

Finally, a dead battery is a dead vehicle and you’ll need a jump to get the battery going or a tow if the battery is as dead as a doorknob. Once the battery is jumped, drive your vehicle to an automotive service shop to have the battery replaced. Don’t turn your vehicle off until you get to the shop, as the battery might die again if it cannot hold a charge.

If you live in Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, or Loves Park, IL, Mark’s Auto Service offers roadside assistance that covers these five things. 


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