Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Vehicle Inspection

You’re faithful about preventative maintenance so you don’t need a vehicle inspection, right? Well, you might. Scheduled maintenance prevents a lot, but it doesn’t solve every problem your automobile might have. Mark’s Auto Service offers our customers vehicle inspections to ensure their automobiles are safe and reliable. Here are five reasons why it might be a good idea to have your car, truck, or SUV inspected.

You’ve Been in An Accident

Even if you’ve only been in a minor automobile accident, it’s a good idea to have the vehicle inspected to ensure there isn’t any hidden damage. Depending on how and where you were hit, you might have suspension or other damage that the body shop missed or isn’t qualified to diagnose and fix.

You’re Having Mechanical Problems

We admit this is a catch-all but any type of mechanical problem warrants an inspection. It might not be a full vehicle inspection. For example, if your car is overheating, we’ll inspect the cooling system to see if this is where the problem lies. If not, we’ll inspect other vehicle systems to find the problem.

The Handling Seems Off

How your vehicle handles shouldn’t change. You might notice minor problems, such as wobbling when your wheels are unbalanced, but this is easily remedied. If your vehicle is handling differently or seems erratic, it’s best to have it inspected before the handling issue worsens and places you in danger.

It’s Harder Than Normal to Brake

Brake inspections are part of preventative maintenance. Your braking system is one of the primary safety systems on your automobile, and just when you take it for granted, the brakes might fail. If it’s getting harder to slow down and stop your car, have the brakes inspected as soon as possible.

You Experience Intermittent Power Issues

Power issues could be engine performance issues, such as loss of power or engine surges, or electrical issues, such a blown fuse or component failure. Either way, neither is normal and your vehicle needs an inspection to find the problem and fix it, especially if its electrical to avoid fire hazards.

Another reason for a vehicle inspection is a pre-purchase inspection, and Mark’s Auto Service can help you with all of this. Contact our Rockford and Loves Park, IL, service shops today. We are a full-service automotive shop ready to make you our customer for life. Contact us today!

Photo by Andrii Borodai from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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