Four Common Anti-Lock Braking System Problems

For all their good, some drivers experience problems with their vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. Generally, the problems are fixable and do not interfere with the system’s functionality. There are some issues that do affect the anti-lock braking system, however, and drivers lose the anti-lock protection without realizing it. Mark’s Auto Service can inspect your anti-lock brake system regularly to ensure it’s working as it should be working. We can also fix the following four problems.

Malfunctioning ABS Light

You see your ABS light turn on when you first start your car. The reason why it turns on is that the main computer is testing the system to make sure it’s working properly. Once the system passes the test, the light turns off. If the ABS light turns on at any other time, you could a problem with the main computer or there could be an ABS system malfunction. Some system lights turn on and off because of a short.

Malfunctioning ABS Sensor

The ABS sensors are located on the brakes and they can get pretty dirty. As road grime builds up on the sensors, they begin to malfunction. The malfunctions send error codes to the main computer which, in turn, illuminates the ABS dashboard warning light. Cleaning the sensors solves the problem. If the sensors are so dirty that they cannot be cleaned, you’ll have to have the ABS sensors replaced.

Faulty or Damaged Wiring

The ABS wiring can also trigger a dashboard warning or total system failure. The wiring that controls the anti-lock brake system is susceptible to damage, wear, and tear that leaves the wires exposed. This can be dangerous. ABS wiring can also be disconnected by vehicle vibration. This can cause the ABS system to malfunction or fail dangerously just when you need it to prevent your vehicle from skidding.

Malfunctioning ABS Controller

Finally, the ABS controller monitors the wheels to determine how fast they are turning. This allows the controller to engage the ABS system when needed based on your wheel rotation; the more wheel rotations the faster you are driving. If the controller malfunctions or dies completely, your vehicle’s anti-lock brake system will fail, which is never a good thing, especially if you’re driving on wet roads.

Located in both Loves Park, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockford, IL, and Loves Park, IL, Mark’s Auto Service can maintain and repair your car, crossover, truck, or SUV’s ABS brakes. Contact us today for an inspection of the brake system including the ABS components.

Photo by Marrio31 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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